If people with mental health issues don’t talk about mental health issues, they don’t seek help and don’t get treatment. Their issues go undetected, undiagnosed, and untreated.Employees with untreated mental health issues are prone to absenteeism, presenteeism and compensation claims. Mental health issues cost Australian employers billions of dollars each year. By investing in mental health interventions in the workplace employers can increase productivity and employee retention. The return on investment can be as much as $2.30.

Employers need to reduce stigma in the workplace by getting people talking about mental health issues. Employees need to feel comfortable and safe to discuss mental health issues. 

HAVACHAT conversations provide a facility for people to talk about mental health at work. HAVACHAT conversations help people talk about mental health issues, reduce stigma and feel more comfortable with their everyday mental wellbeing in the workplace. HAVACHAT conversations are between employees with emerging mental health issues and people with experience of depression and anxiety who have recovered.The conversations are simple and break open the fears and taboo of talking about mental health at work. HAVACHAT conversations help people speak up and feel normal talking about mental health issues without being ashamed or embarrassed of it.

 HAVACHAT conversations show that just having a simple conversation can make a huge difference. And that once people have a conversation they are better instantly. People can get a plan moving forward, get help and get on with work – get on with life.

For more information:   info@mentalhealthatwork.org.au    02 9144 1447 or 04 0055 2290 

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